Woman Arrested for Discussing Sex Ed with Her Kids

November 11th, 2007
by Quan Tranh 12:00 AM

ADA Crystal Long recommended a year probation and counseling, which the Judge accepted. This is a big loss to the citizenry on several fronts. It represents the irrational fear that Americans have of sex. Three years in prison for talking to your kids about sex is ludicrous. Itís also ludicrous to call it felony exposing a child to harmful descriptions. It is legal for a school to do that, however. What the government is saying to the public is that you should not educate your kids, but weíll do it because weíre the government. Some may say that how she conducted discussion was inappropriate and perhaps too graphic. Her kids were 12 and 16 and in the UK they would have received sex education around 10. At 12 you should be exposed to everything that the world has to offer in the most graphic sense. Show pictures of mutilated bodies from drinking and driving, meth addicts photos, anything that can be a lesson to the worst possible scenario.

I donít support Barack Obama, but his idea that we should have sex ed in kindergarten is a great one. Why? Letís consider what class sex ed is taught in, General Sciences or Biology. America lags behind in science and math education. Therefore if Chinese students can learn calculus in middle school, it would stand to reason that they can learn advanced biology and chemistry in the same time frame. If you move backwards in time from that education level it would seem that sex ed would be appropriate for people around the first through third grade. The concepts of plankton, alge, mitosis, and bacteria are easily convertible from a middle school level to an elementary school level. America is falling behind the rest of the world and we can blame our government for that fact. It is time we looked at knowledge as power, not something to be feared.

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