City refuses Love Shack owner's gift

Doug Nurse
October 24,2007

There's one businessman whose money Johns Creek doesn't want.

John Cornetta, owner of the Love Shack adult video chain, is trying to give about $3,000 to the city toward the purchase of a new firetruck. Johns Creek, which is taking Cornetta to court in an attempt to close one of his adult emporiums, has returned the check.

"I know they don't like me," Cornetta said. "But they're not stopping me. I'll buy a firetruck and man it with volunteers."

Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker said legal counsel has said the city shouldn't take money from an entity it contends is operating illegally.

"That's enough in itself," Bodker said. "I don't care to worry about his motives one way or the other."

Cornetta offered to give money to the Fulton County Fire Department in memory of fallen firefighter Felix Roberts, but the department also has refused the gift.

Cornetta said the money spent by the city to close his store should have been used to start the Fire Department, which won't hit the streets until August.

"This is money that's sorely needed," Cornetta said. "I think this government has failed its people. They should be impeached."

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