Mayor Mike Bodker & City of Johns Creek refusal of funds to help build a fire department and the mayors non-acceptance of a challenge to raise more money.

By John J. Cornetta
October 17,2007

As most of you know the Love Shack in Johns Creek has been embroiled in a legal battle with Fulton County Georgia and the new city of Johns Creek. Earlier this year Fulton County fire fighter Felix Roberts gave his life while fighting a fire in the new city of Johns Creek as did Johns Creek citizen John Callahan.

I made the statement at the time that "This is a tragedy, plain and simple," said Cornetta in an earlier release. "And while no one can say that the $150,000 already spent to shut down my store, if used to buy a fire truck or open a fire station would have saved lives, no one could not say otherwise."

I then proceeded to raise funds through personal donations of my own as well as those from staff, customers and a percentage of our sales. We sent each of the victims families almost $2,000 and we sent the city of Johns Creek a check for $2,913.00 and asked the mayor to please put politics aside and build a fire department. In short we sent with the check ,the letter below , and this statement.

" I read in the newspapers a few months ago that you might consider rejecting this donation because of pending litigation that you as the Mayor of Johns Creek, brought against one of our corporations. I am sure those comments were made in a moment of passion or taken out of context. The hundreds of Georgia citizens who helped raise this money and the families of those who perished deserve to see this money put to good use. It would be greatly appreciated if you could put politics aside and think of the best interests for the City of Johns Creek and its citizens."

Ironically on the day of the fire the Mayor was smiling about his new offices and headquarters. We have had a huge response of people in support of our goals. Well today the Mayor played politics as usual and sent us our check back along with the attached letter saying the city would not take the funds even though there are no fire services and there will not be any for some time.

August 2008 is their target date . I mean come on people, I could put together that department in a month if given authority. While I find it a shame that the mayor has decided to take this stance while accepting monies from other organizations for other causes including accepting money for the city's on going "witch hunt" against my company, I will not be discouraged.

In my letter of September 28, 2007 to the Mayor, I said that if he did not wish to join me in a water tank to raise even more money, that the games would go on anyway. Well guess what? On they shall go and we will raise even more money and if I have to buy a fire truck myself and start an all volunteer fire department then that is what I shall do.

I have also instructed counsel to review whether or not a city government has the authority to decline such gifts from a non profit organization. I have yet begun to fight nor bring to light the hypocrisy that is the Johns Creek government, in fact, many local governments today. I also plan to attend the next available city counsel meeting as a citizen of Johns Creek and ask Mayor Bodker face to face to accept the challenge and the check one last time.

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