Indiana Christians Stand Watch, Bear Witness in War on Local Porn Shop

Allie Martin
May 30, 2006

(AgapePress) - Concerned Christians in Jackson County, Indiana, are hoping to shut down a local porn shop by posting customers' photographs online. Meanwhile, some of these pro-family community activists are taking advantage of the chance to witness to the shop's clientele.

The Lion's Den is an adult bookstore that was opened in Uniontown, Indiana, just off Interstate 65 eight months ago. Ever since, protesters have been outside the store around the clock, taking pictures of customers and placing some of the photos on the Internet.

It's all part of an effort by a group called "War-Line", which runs the website. Rob Patterson, a member of the Christian activist group, says he and his fellow protesters have declared war on porn in their community.

"These people said, 'We're drawing the line. It's not going to happen here,'" the Indiana man says. And as a result, he adds, "Some of these Lion's Den's have already closed. I think there are about four or five that have closed in the past couple of years."

Meanwhile, Patterson points out that the demonstrations outside the porn store have created unexpected opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the customers who come by. "When people come, sometimes they get mad at us," he admits. "But if they stop and talk to us, we're able to witness to them, and many of them come under some sort of conviction," he says. "And some get saved."

The Christian protesters feel they're presence and their witnessing have made a real impression on some of the store's customers. And at times, the War-Line spokesman notes, the protesters have been able to give the porn establishment visitors something worth taking away with them.

"We had a time [when] a church gave us about 90 Bibles," Patterson says, "and we give those Bibles to people who get saved. We've given out all of those Bibles, and wish we could have a couple hundred more."

Although many of the members of War-Line have been verbally assaulted, Patterson says they are committed to holding the line against porn shops in their community. Meanwhile, Jackson County's commissioners are working with the American Family Association Center for Law and Policy to craft ordinances that would ban such sexually-oriented businesses.

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