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6:01 am

Yeah, so…


Haha, go on, put it in your mouth, you know you want to!!  I included a diagram just to help ya out, you know, in case you get confused.


4:10 pm

Let Em’ Celebrate

Because Miss JB said so…October 29, 2007  There is nothing more exciting than watching your favorite player maneuver his body in ways that would astound even a seasoned ballerina or gymnast while catching the football and staying within that white line.  Fans live for those mind-blowing plays, and they also enjoy the celebrations that follow.  The NFL needs to abolish the Chad Johnson/Steve Smith/ Terrell Owens/ Randy Moss no celebration rule. 

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9:10 pm

So it Goes….


Dog HeadFamous words of Billy Pilgrim.  In the news today, I heard how the adult industry is no longer an underground industry.  It is becoming more and more main stream.  Is it that we are more liberal than in the past?  More open to ideas?  Possibly less likely to be inhibit by traditions?

 The world is changing, people are changing.  Where does it mean we are going?  I think to broader horizons.  With each generation people are getting smarter, faster, and stronger.  Living healthier.  Is this because we have thrown out old traditions and accepted new ones? Possibly, the old ways were wrong.  Weighing us down with to much baggage.  No ability to let loose may cause a heart attack.

 So it goes.


8:10 pm

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